Z New Yorku do Pekingu

Října 3, 2020

Mahler Foundation is delighted to welcome you back to another edition of The Mahler Hour, which is now airing the first Saturday of every month. This time we take you “From New York to Beijing”!

Meet Shuang Zou, Artistic Director of the 23rd annual Beijing Music Festival, who will tell us about their incredibly rich 10 days of programming, including Mahler (of course!).
Learn about The New York Gustav Mahler Society from their president, Lew Smoley.

Listen to Kenneth Woods of the English Symphony Orchestra present his latest project bringing together Mahler, Wagner, and Schubert in some noteworthy chamber arrangements.

See the first in a new series entitled “Meeting Mahler” – a first-person visit to Mahler’s composing hut in Steinbach am Attersee.

Plus: Highlights of our newly upgraded website and the announcement of a new series of monthly in-depth programs from Mahler Foundation entitled “The Mahler Spotlight”!

Mahlerova hodina
“From New York to Beijing”
S hostitelem Morten Solvik

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